When it comes to learning about how to wear hipster clothes for the gym, functionality should be your first priority. Hipster style should be a close second, however, because your appearance counts in order to maintain a well-dressed hipster status.

We, as one of hipster clothing stores, have observed hipster gym-goers in a wide variety of outfits. We feel it is our duty to give all hipsters an advice on their gym wear. So let’s see some dos and don’ts of what hipster clothes to wear to the gym.


Do : From your instinct, going to gym is to wear few clothes as possible in order to stay cool. To provide you a great benefit of training, covering hipster clothes up actually helps! Wearing a sweat shirt or hoodie during your workout will help keep you warm. The extra sweating will also help you to burn calories. Look for something like Contrast Sweat Shirt with white tank inside, which will keep you warm and dry and is simple enough to help you look good at the gym or post workout. This kind of piece will be easily found at hipster clothing store, THE URBAN APPAREL.



Don’t : Avoiding the barely-tiny-strapped muscle tank is a must. If you want to show some off, go with a classic hipster clothes like sleeveless T-shirt or a simple tank top that can be found on hipster clothing stores.


Do : What you wear on your bottom should be both efficient and stylish while working out. Length is a key element to dressing hipster clothes for the gym. The length should not be longer than one inch above the knee with sweat fleece fabric. If you choose pants, make sure they reach your ankles. Try wearing drop-crotch pants with jersey fabric is a good choice for your exercise movement. Cropped leggings are also one of hipster clothes’ style for you to wear to gym.

Don’t : Avoiding knee’s length of bottoms piece, if you don’t want to look short and unfashionable! 

Shoes and Socks

Do : Shoes are the best thing to show your fashion risk at the gym. Don’t be afraid to use colors when learning how to dress for the gym. There are many shoes found at hipster clothing stores that will make a statement and catch the eye of a gym goer. Socks should be basic white and thick enough to save you from the injury.

Don’t : Wearing sandals and dress shoes will make you stand out — but not in a good way surely for gym purpose.

Plus One Tip

You have some guides to wear hipster clothes to gym but post-gym outfit is also fun to watch. To make it worth seeing, we suggest you to wear feminine look with sporty functionality added. Contrast Sweatshirt Dress featuring contrasting grey shades at the hipster clothing store like THE URBAN APPAREL, can help you style your pre and post gym looks flawlessly. So we are sure now that your post-gym hipster looks are right on track.