Be it a sunny and chilly day or a drizzly morning with a chance of snow, the most important thing for any urban fashionistas trying to survive these unpredictable weathers is to master the art of layering. We all are often faced with the layering problems. We have come up with three smart ideas in urban apparel.

First off, we are crazy about the idea of DOUBLE COAT when one simply isn’t enough. To be an urbanite, your urban apparel look needs to be outstanding. Start with the classic item of all time like a Little Black Dress. LBD can be mixed with anything and everything in this world. Then, pick two more coats in complementary colors, e.g. beige and brown or contrast it with white. Accessorize with black tights and some little piece of necklace can fulfill your wintery look entirely.




Next creative idea for layering is TURTLENECK. Turtleneck is a key urban apparel piece that never goes out-of-date. You need just 4 items of clothing to complete the look. First item is an absolutely stylish turtleneck top. For this look, we recommend you a Funnel Neck Polo Shirt with Lace, which can give you a sporty yet feminine look. Next piece is a Shawl Collar Blazer that keeps you warm. At The Urban Apparel, they provide you these 2 items with a good design.  Also, we are quite sure they are the only one urban apparel clothing store that offers you the style of funnel neck polo with lace. Third is the bottom piece that can either be a cute leatherette flared skirt or a pair of disco pants. Both items can give you a different feeling we assure no one can do. Lastly, complete the look with high heels with an edgy design.




Last look that we are so crazy about is a MOTO VEST. An urban-designed vest is always our favorite secret weapon. Not just giving us a classic look of all time, the urban vest also brings us a unique style.  At The Urban Apparel, they are so many vest pieces for you to enjoy. The most favorite one for us is Asymmetric Vest, which designed with a multi-collar detail. However, just one piece is always not enough. We suggest you to complete this urban apparel look with Long Sleeve Pocket T-Shirt, printed leggings and the perfect Hidden Wedge Boots.