Who’s in love/hate relationship with gift hunting? When it comes to gift exchange in the up-coming celebrations and holiday season, the right presents are just harder to find, especially for your loved ones. These urban fashion gifting ideas will help you survive this dilemma perfectly. Check out our guide to finding the perfect gifts for Him, Her, Family and BFFs!

Gifts for Him

Every girl knows that giving your man a gift is like looking for a needle in a haystack.  How about these gift ideas to impress him? First urban gift is Thai boxing shorts. This is a great workout or biking shorts. Or The Urban Apparel Contrast Shirt, which is perfect for work? Lastly, a little piece of bracelet. A cord bracelet is an urban wear that should be given to your special one along with a handmade card.




Gifts for Her

It’s your turn man! If you ask us for some suggestion, the hand-made thing is still the best one to touch your girl’s heart. If time is of the essence, a funky necklace is a good choice. The Urban Apparel is the online urban clothing store where there are lots of necklaces and accessories to choose from for your special girl. Besides fine piece of necklace, the classic urban item of all time like a little black dress is a must for your girl. This timeless piece is surely going to put a big smile on your loved one’s face.




Gifts for Family

Importantly, family is a group that we give precedence to. A little handmade Reindeer Basket and figuring made with natural material is a cute festive touch to be given to members of the family. A good design of urban clothing for each family member is a great way to kick off the season of gifting. For the man of the family, a slash contrast shirt in black and white is perfect shirt for all occasions. For your mom, a lace top with keyhole back completes the party look. The Urban Apparel is only online urban clothing store that can offer you this.




Gifts for BFFs

For your best friends, we say something fun! Multi-color leggings are the urban fashion that can fulfill the celebrating season completely. Imagine your friends and you wear these leggings as a gang and hang out together, what a fun bunch! Another thing we suggest is to bake something and pass them to all your friends. Cute festive cookies or cupcakes can brighten up any parties and make everyone go ‘aww..’.