Autumn is a perfect season for transitional styling. It’s a perfect opportunity to layer up your look with a bit of fur and leather but still letting a bit of summer style peeking through. Of course, no urban style is complete without the makeup to complete the look. In order to get you ready for this exciting season, we will provide you four styles of makeup which will perfectly match with your urban fashion.



First must-try makeup look for this autumn is the Cat Eyes! At fashion weeks, this urban makeup look can be seen at Jason Wu, Lanvin and Kenzo shows.  You can start this look easily by brushing your copper-colored eyes shadow on your eyelid and blending it altogether. Then pick up your favorite eyeliners, drag across your inner corner of your eyes. Stop it at the end of your lashes and start the tail in the opposite direction, thicken it as thick as you want. Tahdah! Your cat eyes are ready to go.

Cat Eyes makeup can be adjusted to every urban outfit.  The perfect piece that can accomplish this makeup ideally is sophisticated little white dress. Just imagine how cute you are in the little white dress with this makeup. You can sex up this look by choosing the LWD with open-back details or bodycon white dress. Leighton Meester and Emma Stone also perfected this cat-eyes-white-dressed look when they went out to the big event.


Next trend is glittery eyes. First step is base your eyelid with earth-toned eyes shadow. Then apply a flat brush to a glitter and pat it onto the eyelid. In this step, you can put the glitter on your eyelid as much as you need. 

For the urban fashion that will fulfill these glittery eyes completely, we recommend you to try something in contrast! If glitters were born with party, why don't you try this look with baggy pants and white formal shirt. This may bring you to another level of style. The contrasting makeup/outfit look can be seen at Thakoon and Chanel fashion shows and celebrities, such as Ke$ha and Katy Perry are also following this unique urban trend. 




Another urban makeup trend in this season is red lips. We believe that all of you may know very well how to use your lipstick. So in this case, we will tell the secret of making your lips last longer. Just use a lip primer before applying the red lips. Then draw in a nude lip liner along the outline of your lips and fill in dark areas. Finally, use lips brush when applying the lips. That’s all it takes to achieve a statement lip color.

The styles that will come with this look reallly vary but we like to contrast it with a sporty look. Imagine yourself wearing sneakers, baseball shirts and disco pants with the red lips. What a fabulous urban streetwear! This style can be seen on the hottest singers Rita Ora and Rihanna.



We think you may get your makeup and urban look inspiration from us. However, we have something to warn you out. Don’t try to put all those makeup looks altogether at once. It may work for the dramatic theatrical circus, but as a fashonista you have to know what is right, what is wrong and when it is enough. So now we think you are ready for the approaching autumn. Get dressed, makeup and go!