Leggings for Every Season

Seasons change and so too must our clothing and the way we mix and match each clothing item we have hiding in our closet. With different color and style combination to consider, there are certain guidelines that you must be follow in order for you to pull off the right look rather than looking like a total goon. 



Spring is the time for you to dress perky and decorate yourself with lively colors and a fun style. During this time, dressing up could be tricky as the weather could be warm or cool in a matter of hours. In any case, wearing some leggings can satisfy your desire to look good and stay warm all at once.

Experimenting with prints and colors will add a nice touch to your outfit. Colors of green do a good job at representing the colors and season of Spring, but it is not a necessity for you to stick to this color tone. This is a good time for you to display your leggings and accentuate its design with other clothing items, rather than the other way around. 



Summer brings with it warmth and activeness. To pull off some of the greatest summer leggings look, be sure to use warm colors and dress lightly. A nice oversized top or tunic shirt to wear with some nice pairs of red or yellow leggings and some simple bangles and accessories are a nice combination for the season, along with some nice, open sandals.

Depending on which part of the world you are at, leggings may prove to be too thermal to wear during the day, so wearing this look for a casual night out would do just as great. 




In autumn, the temperatures are starting to drop once again and the cold breeze is starting to return. So worrying about overheating from wearing leggings during the day is no longer a concern. Autumn represents dryness so earthy and nude tones are good colors to work with. Such colors include brown, black, tan, and gray.

We will be working with more layers now so there are many items we can switch around. The first you will need is some nice outerwear. Coats, sweaters and cardigans or knit tops are a perfect choice. If you want to pull off a feminine look, you may choose to wear a nice dress over your leggings or some simple tops will suffice.

It is also a given that boots are a must in this season. High tops, low tops, heels or flats are yours to choose, as long as you follow the seasonal colors. You may want to add a few accessories to your look as well, so if you like, try throwing on a simple colored scarf or a knitted hat or beret. 





Winter will take the coldness and chills to another level, so you have to step up your outfit as well. Simple cotton leggings might not do you any good anymore so you might have to upgrade to wool leggings. But other than that, you can pretty much as the same items and combinations as you did in autumn since the two seasons bring about similar weather conditions.

But if there’s something you can add, bomber jackets make a great addition with its wind resistant properties and fashionable designs. 


Remember that the guidelines will help you gain the perfect casual look or outfit that is suitable to the weather and mood of each season. Mix and match your clothes and accessories and come up with the perfect look with the help of the guidelines and if you don’t feel like it speaks your personality, try adding some other flares to the combination to make it just right for yourself. And most importantly, remember to have fun and enjoy the art of fashion and invention of leggings. 

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