Being indie and hipster are not just about fashion and trends. It’s all about demonstrating who you are what you wear and where you belong. Indie is both an image and lifestyle with the key point of being independent and staying away from the mainstream. There are so many ways to show your identity in the world of hipster, the dedicated urban apparel style mostly seen on the street is one of them. Here are some of the all-time favorite indie women’s urban apparel trends no indie souls are seen without.

Printed tee shirt

As you know, t-shirt is the all-time classic urban apparel. It can be worn best as an informalwear but it also works in the semi-formal situation. T-Shirts are a staple of indie fashion. But to be indie, you need to bear in mind that big brand and tees with logo are big NO. Go for interesting and unique prints and graphics urban apparel tee. Also, you can never go wrong with block solid color tees with washed effects.

Asymmetric Piece

We said indie is not just about fashion and trends. This comes together with non-statement classic urban apparel. Trying asymmetric pieces will make your style become more fun! This urban apparel gives you an effortless style. Just one piece of an oversized asymmetric top or asymmetric designed dress completed with some leather boots, this is all you need for the day.

Skinny Jeans

Another great item for women’s urban apparel is skinny jeans, leggings or tights. These skinny pants are a true soulmate as its slim line can make your body more sexy and sporty. Don a pair of these urban skinny jeans and throw anything on the top and you’re ready to hit the road! 

Leather Boots

As a hipster, heels and sandals aren’t important as boots! And what life it is without leather boots. Leather is a sign of strong and passionate people. Also it’s the one that can show dark side without scaring others. Genuine leather is a must and it’s worth to pay because leather urban apparel or shoes can last for life and the style is often timeless. All they need is a proper care. We know that, for most women, height is one of your concerns. Leather Ankle Boots with Hidden Wedge Heels inside at THE URBAN APPAREL will discreetly give you extra inches vertically.