Being in business is not just being smart and genius. First impression is everything and this means your business attire should look as smart as your brain. A guide to dress like you mean business is a must to follow. Let these 4 steps help you run your business in style!

Outer Article

The play-role piece for every business look is outerwear. This key item of indie clothes needs to be picked up carefully. A tailored blazer is a perfect outerwear to assume a power position at meetings. Shawl Collar Blazer is one item of indie clothing that you need to be hung in your wardrobe.  For a more off-duty look, an Asymmetric Vest is one of the best! To find those pieces, online indie clothing store, such as The Urban Apparel, can provide you this kind of indie clothing in just a few clicks.


Top Forms

Next piece we would like highlight is a top. Inner tops are as important as outer tops. A classic black and white top is always a go-to piece in any indie clothing wardrobe, like a contrasting black and white shirt with a slash design. But if you want something fun, funnel collar shirt is one of the choices you may choose. For ladies, anything couldn’t be better than a little black dress. This classy indie clothing dress can’t come with a plain silhouette. We suggest a dress with a zip front and open-back design, which will lighten your business look very well.


Lower Proximity

Bottom part is essential. This key indie piece definitely defines your working day look. First thing you need to do before picking up this item is checking your itinerary. If you want to go with something comfort and smart, shorts are one of the good casual choices to go with a more serious upper part. But if there is any important meeting to be held, a pair of tailored drop crotch pants would give you an instant air of ‘style with substance’. Online indie clothing store like The Urban Apparel can fulfill this look perfectly. Black and White Tailored Shorts and Poplin Drop Crotch Pants are the must-have and popular items for your business look. 


Shoes Matter

Last factor that can rule the world is shoes! No matter how busy you are on workday, shoes go together with you. From simple Christian Louboutin high heels to Hidden Wedge Boots, these are like your BFFs. Just plan what you are going to do that day and match the activity with the shoes. If you are going to the high and luxury building for a meeting, simple and friendly high heels is the most-picked one. But for a day on a go, Hidden Wedge Boots is an indie piece that can make you comfortable and stylish at the same time. Just adapt indie clothes for the right place and time, your business day would run well surely!