THE URBAN APPAREL | Menswear F/W 12-13

Lookbook Fall/Winter 2012-13 Men

‘Action vs. Reaction’

‘For Every Action, There Is An Equal and Opposite Reaction,’ once said
a scientist and theorist extraordinaire, known as Sir Isaac Newton.
One of the most influential theories that formed the basis of classical science
known to humankind, the laws of motion describe the relationship
between forces on objects and the resulting motions.

Drawing from this scientific theory, The Urban Apparel Fall/Winter 2011 -12 collection
encapsulates this remarkable nature of movement combined with
its urban twists and androgynous backbone. The rule governing the relationship
between action and reaction is redefined in the collection filled with forces between
two opposing articles, which are dramatized by the movement and visual illusions.
Strong yet subtle – yielding a sense of power and mystery with a delicate fabrication.

/ = \
ΣFa,b = -ΣFb,a

Throughout the collection, the mysterious shades of black take us through
the unsettling air of time and space. Powerful and aggressive, the color also
represents timelessness and the obscurity that accompanies the scientific mysteries.

The smooth flow of knitted jersey is cleverly joined by the structured woven light cashmere;
producing a controlled force between the two means. The same principle is applied to styling
where the law of action and reaction is given a visual definition.
Solidly built jackets and trousers are met with the softly arranged dresses
that flutter with each move. There is a reaction of structured and architectural tailoring
against the action of drape signature.

Asymmetric cut contrasts with the sense of balance and becomes
the main theme of this mystifying collection.
This is supported by the use of draping technique,
which further accentuates the unusual silhouettes.

The innovative brilliance of Sir Isaac Newton’s Laws of Motion as defined by the art of tailoring