[for_play] Menswear Vol. II

Lookbook VOLUME: II Men

~Work Hard, Play Harder~

A modern take on streetwear which appeals to the unique and individualistic crowd, The Urban Apparel [for_play] takes the inspiration from the way of the streets and real style dictators.

Experimental yet functional, The Urban Apparel [for_play] is all about the playful and tongue-in-cheek approach to personal style. Its irreverent sense of humor is translated into each item of clothing, creating bold and amusing ideas throughout the collection.

Designed with the eclecticism of unconventional indies in mind, the collection boasts a range of unusual silhouettes and styling ideas. All done in the name of indie self-expressiveness and true style leaders. From casualwear to semi-formal style, The Urban Apparel [for_play] offers all the unique looks to stand out in.